Anti-Suicide Campaign Ideas

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Ten anti-suicide campaign ideas that you can implement in your workplace Suicide is a serious issue that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. In the UK alone, an average of 125 people die by suicide each day. That’s one person every 90 minutes. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with…

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Suicide prevention in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

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Suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide, and is the fourth leading cause of death among 15–29-year-olds. These shocking statistics mean that suicide prevention is an important issue for employers. Workplaces can play a key role in suicide prevention efforts. Implementing a comprehensive suicide prevention campaign in your workplace can save lives. This article…

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Sexual Harassment Campaign – does awareness drive change?

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains an issue that impacts workplaces of all sizes and across all industries. Yet many organisations fail to take proactive steps to prevent harassment or properly address complaints. Complacency and lack of education enable toxic cultures where harassment goes unchecked.  It’s past the time for companies to make meaningful changes.…

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Heat Stress Campaigns – why are they Important?

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Why is Heat Stress Campaign important for your workplace safety? Heat stress is a serious occupational health concern that affects workers worldwide, not just in hot climates. As temperatures rise, both outdoor and indoor workers face the risk of heat-related illnesses, which can have severe consequences for their well-being and productivity. To address this issue…

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Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention

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Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention: Building Awareness and Preventing Workplace Accidents In any workplace, slips, trips, and falls pose significant risks that can lead to injuries, decreased productivity, and even legal implications for companies. These accidents can happen in various industries and are a common cause of workplace injuries. However, by building awareness and investing…

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What is a Toolbox Talk and how to write one

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What is a Toolbox Talk? It is a is a short, informal meeting or discussion conducted in the workplace with the purpose of addressing specific safety topics and fostering a culture of safety. It’s typically led by supervisors or safety personnel. These talks provide an opportunity to educate and engage employees on critical safety procedures,…

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Workplace Safety Resources: 5 Tips for a Safer and Healthier Work Environment

Workplace Safety Resources article cover with tips on how to make your workplace safer

Investing in workplace safety resources is crucial for companies as it ensures the well-being of employees, promotes productivity, and mitigates potential risks, ultimately leading to a safer and more successful work environment. Creating a safe and healthy work environment not only protects employees from accidents and injuries but also contributes to higher productivity, morale, and…

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DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace

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DEI (Diversity, Equity and inclusion) in the workplace have been a hot topic in the business world for a few years now, especially as it pertains to business sustainability through ESG strategies. Workforce diversity means hiring and retaining employees who are diverse in race, culture, gender, beliefs, age, ability, and sexual orientation. Here’s the good…

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HSE at Work: How to improve your safety culture

HSE at work - safety culture tips blog article

HSE at work: Tips on how to improve your safety culture HSE stands for Health, Safety, and Environment. Some industries refer to this as SHEQ instead of HSE, the additional Q is for Quality. The focus is on the health and safety of people and the environment. HSE is used by companies to keep their…

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The Importance of Recognizing Mental Health in the Workplace

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Are you prioritizing mental health in the workplace? In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments, it is crucial for companies to prioritize the mental health of their employees. Recognizing and addressing mental health concerns not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a positive and productive workplace culture. We explore the significance of mental health…

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