The Importance of Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

We live in a world that is extremely interconnected. New technologies and processes have opened new doors to remote working, expanding global markets and hiring employees across borders. These have become the ingredients for many thriving businesses across the world. Hiring abroad can bring in fresh perspectives, creative insights, and new innovations. However, this influx…

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Sexual Harassment Campaign – does awareness drive change?

Sexual Harassment Campaign Key Takeways: Let’s the ongoing problem of sexual harassment in the workplace, highlighting the need for proactive prevention and the negative impact it has on individuals and organisations. We need to emphasise the importance of effective sexual harassment training and awareness campaigns to create a culture of respect. We also stress the…

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Strategic Mining Communication: Why Your Comms Budget Matters

Strategic communications Mining Marketing

Mining communications matters. The efforts from the Comms team in your mining company are the glue that keeps the organisation and its stakeholders aligned. We’ve found that when mines go through a tough time productivity-wise and financially, they cut the communications and marketing budget to minimise costs. This is counterproductive. Strategic mining communication affects every…

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