Workforce Campaigns is unique in that we don’t just give you a random safety poster or a toolbox talk. Instead we’ve created a campaign for every touchpoint at your company. This means that these critical Health, Safety, HR and Culture messages reach your entire workforce – whether they are desk-bound, on-site or remote.

We write and design communication material for key touchpoints for consistent and effective communication campaigns. With over a decade of creating communication solutions for some of the world’s top companies, we founded Workforce Campaigns to help companies who don’t have the budget or resources for a dedicated marketing and design agency, but still need world-class solutions.

How does it work?

Workforce Campaigns are shared with you as digital downloads. You are able to download and print at your company. If you order unbranded, you will receive a download link immediately. If you choose a branded product, then a member of our team will reach out to you for your logo (which has to be sent in the correct format). We will then create your artwork within 3 working days and send to you as a digital download.

What do I get with each campaign?


The posters are designed to A4 but are high resolution so can be scaled upwards to A3 or A2 (low resolution print). They are supplied without bleed so you can print fit to page without bleed marks (this is a technical element, ignore it if it makes no sense to you!).

Screen videos:

This is an animated video that you can play on screens in your high-traffic areas to ensure maximum visibility of your message. The video is supplied as an HD widescreen resolution in .MP4 format.


An A4 or A5 flyer (depending on content) for print or digital distribution within your workplace. If it’s A4, we may design it to fold in half to an A5 which means you will have a 4 page flyer that you can fold in half yourself.  This will be supplied without bleed or fold marks but we do try to include design elements so you can see where the fold is.


Email templates with the text written for you, so you just have to open and send out!  This helps you to remind your staff regularly with the key messaging using your internal mail. We design them for use in Outlook on Mac and PC. If you need a Gmail version, you will find .EML files which you can open. We’ve kept the text as editable so you can address it to your team and add on your footer!

Social media posts:

These posts can be used on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yammer or whichever platform you prefer! And we give you the captions and hashtags to share which are relevant to the topic too. These posts are designed for you to share on your company page, even if they are unbranded. But you may only share them on the pages of the company who purchased them and not across other businesses.

Toolbox Talks:

A Toolbox talk is a topic for safety or awareness discussions with your team. These talks are designed to be conversation starters with prompts and questions. Not all Workforce Campaigns require Toolbox Talks so they aren’t in every campaign package, but we do try to include them where we can! They are also designed so that you can share them with your team remotely over a cup of virtual coffee and start a great discussion!

WhatApp/Chat graphics or videos:

A graphic message or video for you to share on WhatsApp, Messenger and other chat platforms that you prefer. This allows you to ensure that your message meets your target across all platforms! You can also share this over social media.

Can I share them?

You may only share the files with your intended audience which is your workforce. So you can share the files within your company but copyright restriction means you may not share them externally or with your industry friends (sorry pals!). So you can’t share e.g. Toolbox talks with another Health and Safety manager at another company.

You may share the social posts on your company's social media, but you may not sell or distribute the originals to other users. It’s important for you to note that we have purchased licenses for the usage of these images, fonts and icons from stock libraries.

We take copyright violations very seriously, so if you distribute them, then you are not only violating our copyright, but theirs too and they will be supplied with your details should a violation occur. Check out the limitations below for more.

How long can I keep them for? And can they be reused?

You can keep them and reuse them indefinitely. We do, however, update both the content and the types of files regularly, so we encourage you to visit the site to ensure you have the latest version.

It can get boring to reuse the same campaign, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we create new campaigns!

Are they unique?

Yes these are unique – we’ve designed and written these communication campaigns* exclusively for Workforce Campaigns.

However, unless you commission a bespoke communication campaign from our parent company, Halo Media, these are templates which can be purchased by a range of companies. So there will be other companies out there using them unless you request to purchase the exclusive license and then we take the product off the market.

If you want a completely unique solution, reach out to our creative team at Halo Media to design the perfect campaign for your team.

*We use royalty-free images and graphics.