Looking to buy Health, Safety and Workplace Wellness campaign templates?

WORKFORCE CAMPAIGNS provides unique health and safety campaign templates to communicate with your workforce. Yes, you can buy cheap safety signage or download a free toolbox talk, but ours have been designed and created by an experienced team to make sure your campaign is consistent, integrated and effective.

The reason our campaigns are so successful is that we cover all the key touch points with a consistent campaign across the board.

So it's not a stand-alone poster. Or a boring Toolbox Talk. It's the whole shebang. And it's been designed by a professional graphic design company that specialises in marketing, brand and communications for the mining industry, so you know they will be done properly.

All of our health and safety campaign templates are easy to download. Once you have purchased a campaign you will receive a link to download your digital files. With these, you can print them out, or share the campaign digitally using your internal systems. Our unique offering has all the instructions you need so you don't need to figure it out.

Workforce Health and Safety Campaign Templates

We know how important it is to get your message across to your teams. That's why we've created designs that span across 12 different touch points. This means your message will be seen wherever your staff are working.

They include:

  • 3 x Posters

    (these can be printed at your office, or sent to your local printer).

  • 1 x Leaflet

    (Digital and print version that you can print at your office, or send to a local printer).

  • 3 x Emails

    (We've even written the text for you, you just need to add your name at the end, as if you wrote it yourself 😁).

  • 4 x Social Media Posts

    (You can share these via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or whichever social platform your company prefers. We'll give you the captions and hashtags so you are #relevant).

  • 1 x Screen graphics/videos

    (Such a brilliant way to quickly communicate with your team through a screen in your high-traffic areas. Our campaigns educate and motivate your team).


  • A WhatsApp video

    A small video (not much data required) to share with your team to really drive the message home. You can share this in WhatsApp (which is BIG in Africa) or another social channel. If you want to take it up a notch further speak to us about our digital brochures (we'll pick this up as a separate conversation!).

  • 1 x Toolbox Talk Presentation*

    (a Toolbox Talk presentation guide with scripted prompts for interactive conversation).
    *Selected campaigns only

health and safety campaign templates

Campaigns in different languages

Looking for different languages? We can create health and safety campaign templates in over a hundred languages.

By sharing your key information in a campaign in the languages of your workforce, you have a better chance of success in meeting your communication targets. Ready to get started? Download one of our health and safety campaign templates today!