The nitty-gritty. The fine print. The legal stuff.

TLDR: You are licensed to use these files for your company only, and not to edit them or share them with anyone else.

There are some limitations that are applicable to all the Workforce Campaigns files you receive. In addition, we purchase elements such as the photography, fonts, icons and graphics that we use to create our campaigns, so their copyright applies also. These are standard licensing fees but it’s important that you read and understand them. We’ve kept them as simple as possible:

  • You can't re-sell, or re-distribute or share these items;
  • You can't turn it into a template to share or sell;
  • You can’t use elements of them to turn into merchandise, e.g. a T-Shirt. If you need something, ask us and we’ll help you turn it into what you want, but you’re not licensed to take the artwork and just use it;
  • You can't extract the music out of our videos and use it;
  • You can’t extract elements from the designs and use them e.g. copying some text, or a cartoon character;
  • You can’t claim copyright or trademark on any of the items;
  • You can’t use these for unlawful purposes, or for any purpose which is offensive, pornographic, defamatory, demeaning, obscene or discriminatory. If there is a picture of a person in your campaign, you can’t use it to pretend that they are an official endorser of your company or create a fake identity around them. In other words, play nicely!

E&OE: Errors and omissions excepted. Whilst we have made every effort we can (and we really have, most of our team have cross-referenced our sources and checked out content) errors do occur. We’ve done our best to avoid them however we can’t take responsibility if there are content changes post-production. If there is an error, please notify us asap and we’ll do our best to rectify it and make you a happy camper!