Suicide Prevention Campaign



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Suicide Prevention Campaign

Why do you need a Suicide Prevention Campaign in your workplace? There can be a lot of awkwardness and discomfort involved in talking about suicide, right? But when you consider the statistics, you’ll realise that it’s a leading cause of death. A life can be saved if you are able to get past your own discomfort and address this pressing issue. There are several things you can do to help someone with suicidal thoughts, including showing concern and asking directly about the thoughts.

We have designed this Suicide Prevention Campaign as an impactful awareness campaign. It will enable your workforce to recognise and help others around them who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts – both in and outside of the workplace – and to assist them in their efforts to prevent this from happening. We all want to educate, support and provide resources for those struggling, so consider this campaign as part of your workforce care programme.

Download your Suicide Prevention Campaign poster, safety video and toolbox kit today! You’ll receive:

  • 3 x Posters – designed to be eye-catching and easy to read
  • 1 x Video – our videos are produced to run as looping videos in central areas in your workplace
  • 1 x Leaflet – an informative flyer which educates and supports the campaign goals
  • 3 x Emailers – already written for you, you simply need to open, add your “to” addresses, and send
  • 3 x Social Media posts – our social posts have their content, captions and hashtags already written, allowing you to post without the headache
  • 1 x Chat message (e.g. WhatsApp) – a chat message designed to encourage conversation and support directly with your team
  • 1 x Toolbox Talk – a Toolbox Talk which is set up for you to have discussions with your team, along with a Spot Quiz for greater engagement

We’re all responsible for a safe workplace!