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Strategic Mining Communication: Why Your Comms Budget Matters

Mining communications matters.

The efforts from the Comms team in your mining company are the glue that keeps the organisation and its stakeholders aligned. We’ve found that when mines go through a tough time productivity-wise and financially, they cut the communications and marketing budget to minimise costs. This is counterproductive. Strategic mining communication affects every department of the organisation. We’re here to help you understand how mining communication efforts affect a mine’s productivity, HSE and other organisational goals. These are challenging times for the mining industry. There are, however, ways for mining communications teams to make the most of their budgets to promote company growth.

Strategic mining communication affects employee productivity


Leaders communicate plans and goals with the workforce. Internal communication gives the company direction which keeps leaders and employees on the same page. When a team is given clear-cut instructions through communication channels, that team is more equipped to be productive.

Internal communication such as company newsletters and emailers to recognise teams and individuals in the mine motivates them to work harder and be more productive.


Use intranet or internal messenger software (like Teams or Slack) to communicate as a company and between departments as this is cost-effective and quick. To boost productivity, only send out important messages. Also, send information to relevant parties through the intranet instead of constantly arranging time-consuming meetings.

Strategic mining communication affects employee engagement


The communications team in a mine comes up with creative ways to keep employees engaged. These include reminding employees of the company’s values by strategically placing them at different key points in the company. Every reminder from posters on noticeboards and canteens to emails and digital screens makes a difference.


Your company can start having more positive town hall meetings to motivate the workforce. When leaders engage with employees and open the floor for open communication, this increases employee engagement.

Strategic mining communication affects safety


Where internal communication lacks, safety will be directly affected. The two work interchangeably. As a mining company, health and safety should be at the forefront of your goals and objectives. In mining, communication plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your people and environment.

Being safety compliant and achieving zero harm is the goal. This can only be done by educating your workforce and continuously communicating safety. Examples of this communication include safety compliance posters and toolbox talks. The HSE Officer works closely with the comms team to achieve safety in the mine.


If your mine’s communication team is small, with no graphic designers and copywriters skilled at designing engagement-worthy content, Workforce Campaigns is your solution. You can purchase ready-to-use professionally designed health, safety, and culture campaigns for your workforce with ease.

Strategic mining communication affects community perception


The community only knows what you tell them. As a mine operating within a community, you need to communicate with the residents of that community. You need to tell them how you’re uplifting them, and what opportunities you’ve opened for their children. The communications department handles this strategic external communication, and it affects the mine’s brand image.

Sharing these CSI, CSR and ESG projects externally through communication helps brand your mine as a supplier and employer of choice.


Form a relationship with your local newspaper and radio station. Update the community on a regular and consistent basis on your mine’s outreach programmes.

Strategic mining communication affects investor and supplier confidence


Investors and suppliers require communication from the mine reporting on how the mine is performing and its sustainability efforts. This communication needs to be professionally written, designed, and presented. These stakeholders need to be confident in the mine and ensure they are still aligned with mine’s values.


Focus on critical external communication. This includes relevant press releases, and investor and supplier reports and presentations. Keep your stakeholders updated without them having to ask, this will keep them loyal to your brand.

It’s crystal clear, strategic communication is vital in mining. Cutting your comms budget means significantly decreasing safety, investor confidence, productivity and more. It’s better to find new ways to manage the budget to make the most of it.

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